Why Us

Low Minimum

Don't you just hate it when you find just what you've been looking for, only to be told there's a high minimum order? The Philly Vintage Tees Philadelphia caters for all sizes of projects – whether it's 500 custom printed shirts for a business convention or a few tees for your friends closed birthday party.

We've also got a wealth of flexible digital and screen print options to suit every order and make it the best it can be. Whatever your t-shirt design idea is, we deliver over and above our customer's expectations. We offer our Philly custom apparel screen printing service for any budget. 

As well as t-shirts we have an extensive range of workwear and other garments from trusted manufacturers, just waiting to be customized. If we don't have what you're looking for, then we'll make every effort to find it elsewhere, or you can always bring your own.

So pull up a chair, follow the directions below, and get those creative juices flowing. 

High Quality Designs 

At Philly Vintage Tees, we are committed to producing absolute quality designs for every single order. We ensure you get the outcome your envisioned and dream of. Our garments are stocked from trusted ethical suppliers, and our experienced team designers and printmakers use the best techniques and leading equipment in the printing industry to get your job done. We are committed to getting your ideas out in the real world, and we've earned multiple industry awards, praise and gratitude in the process. We love our vibrant, growing customer base. 

 Express Yourself, Your Way

We strongly believe that every T-shirt and screen printing design is not the same and that is why we believe in the power of simple yet elegant branding that portrays your message and vision. We listen and take your vision, ideas and blend them with our experience and expertise to bring it life. We understand that you want something unique, simple and stylish with your brand message so we make you stand out.

Eco-Friendly Water-Based Inks

In today’s world where protecting the environment has become a top priority, water-based inks allow us to do their part. While most plastisol inks are now phthalate-free, that still doesn’t make them the most eco-friendly option out there for printing services because made from a mixture of PVC resin and plasticizer, they’re still far from being environmentally friendly at all. Water-based inks on the other hand, are completely free of PVC resin or plasticizer are also completely free of harmful ozone-depleting chemicals and aromatic hydrocarbons. Eco-friendly water-based inks are not just only good for the environment, they are also perfect for better health (they are free from harmful chemicals), better quality prints (they sit deeper within the fabrics and many other benefits.